Thursday, November 03, 2016


Lately being using this companys services to purchase item from TaoBao. For Malaysian you have many options. Buy direct from or via forwarding agent like EzBuy, Zhoppy and etc. Tries TaoBao, Zhoppy and few others, found ezbuy provide very good customer services, convenience with many options for delivery. For me I like to collect it from their center instead of sending it to my office. They provide lowest shipping and agenet fees.

ezBuy also provide Prime service where they charged flat RM8.80 per shipment regardless of size and weight. To enjoy Prime service you need to subscribe to an annual membership of RM188. For those regular buyer or you like to buy bulk item worth it.

Use the link below to sign up and get RM15 voucher.

Free RM15 ezbuy voucher upon sign up

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