Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010

SharePointWorkspace With Microsoft Office 2010, a new client was introduce for SharePoint. It’s call SharePoint Workspace 2010. Below are overview on SharePoint Workspace.

What is SharePoint Workspace?

SharePoint Workspace is the desktop client application for the SharePoint server. It allows you to cache copies of your SharePoint site content on your desktop and provides automatic synchronization with the SharePoint server.

Why Use SharePoint Workspace?

  • SharePoint Workspace delivers fast, anytime, anywhere access to SharePoint content whether you are able to reach the SharePoint server or are working offline.
  • SharePoint Workspace provides easy navigation in accessing and working with your SharePoint content. If you know how to use SharePoint, you will know how to use SharePoint Workspace.
  • Whether you are connected or disconnected, SharePoint Workspace provides a seamless working experience. When connected to the SharePoint server, changes are synchronized automatically and when not connected, changes are cached locally. The next time you connect to the SharePoint server, your changes are automatically synchronized with the server.

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