Monday, April 18, 2016

Pebble Classic in Boot Loop

Stuck in boot loop after firmware upgrade? This become a repeated event for my Pebble Classic after I goes to vestion 3. Each firmware I will stuck in Boot Loop. Below what I used to recover from boot loop for version v3.11.1

Solutions below are from various forum and official Pebble support.
  1. Delete any Bluetooth pairings on your phone
  2. Reboot your phone
  3. Delete ReInstall Pebble Apps
  4. Press and hold BACK, UP and SELECT until the Pebble reboot (Reset / Recovery Mode). You need to hold for about 10 seconds untill you see the word Pebble + loading bar / progress bar.
  5. Wait till pebble/app screen shown
    then press and hold the Down button (bottom right) until an animation of two spinning circles appears (approx. 7-10 seconds).
  6. Wait for the animation to stop.
  7. Open your phone's Bluetooth settings. If you see your Pebble listed, forget the device.
  8. Open the Pebble app on your phone.
  9. Tap the Connect prompt near the bottom of the app.
  10. Once your Pebble updates, you'll be all set to go!
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