Saturday, July 04, 2009

海外充 vs Liberty Reserve + Gold2Ex Case Studies

alipaySomeone posted a question in my comment and wanted to find out the difference in amount when using the two method I mention in my previous post.

in my previous article title: Transfer or add money to AliPay (支付宝) outside China. Below a quick comparison shown potential saving using second method.

Disclamer: Below are based on my best effort and knowledge, I shall hold no responsibilities for any error and mistake.

Case Studies: Trnasfer RMB5,000 to 支付宝 from Malaysia.

Method 1 – Simple but expensive

  1. Buy 10 x RMB500 reload card (海外充一卡通500元)
  2. You need to pay USD913.50 via PayPal
  3. Based on my last PayPal transaction dated 26-Jun-09, exchange rate for 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 0.2756662 U.S. Dollars
  4. USD913.50 = RM3,313.84

Method 2 – More steps but cheaper (you need to be verified alipay member 认证用户)

  1. Check out the exchange rate for LR –> alipay in Gold2Ex . You need to add in USD2.99 LR fees and 0.5% (Max RMB25) alipay fees. Alipay currently having promotion, after that the rate will be 1% (Max RMB40). Check out this link for details.
  2. For RMB5,000 + RMB25 I need LR 734 + LR2.99. Based on 1:6.85 exchange rate.
  3. Using Entelnova Global service, as at 4th July the Exchange Rate are 1 LR.USD = RM3.65
  4. Estimated total payment in Ringgit Malaysia will be RM2,690.05


Anonymous said...

hi volcane,

i am the one asking this question..really thanks for ur efforts...can see the differences between the two methods more clearly now...



volcane said...

do take note that the recipient need to be a verified alipay member.

Anonymous said...

Hi Volcane,

method 1 does not need to be verified member of alipay right?

i bought the card from, is it they sending the code via email? how long does it take?


volcane said...

yes, method 1 does not need to be verified member. They will send the code via email.

Anonymous said...


Same person here.
Thanks for the info. How long does it take to send the code normally?

I did receive few unknown call but theres no one speaking. I wonder if it is the call from cnalipay.

volcane said...

they will send you the code once they verified you via the phone. In my case I got phone call and code within 3 hours.

Anonymous said...


i got the phone call too, but no one is speaking. Its over 5 hours already. The status still stated that 配套中。

Anonymous said... mood already. feel like being cheated.

volcane said...

contact them via QQ, so far no problem for me.

Anonymous said...

i installed QQ just to contact them. But no reply, phone call also cannot reach.
331553682 465897679
These are the 2 QQ i tried.

Anonymous said...

Hi Volcane,

i got my cnalipay card finally.
But paying with alipay need 数字证书,
and 数字证书 need 实名认证。

i give up already. How do u pay?


Кирилл said...

Hi Volcane,

Could you be more specific in answering my questions.

We arent too clear about how to get these accounts you are talking about.

Could you give more details on what is needed to register in these services and where to click in Gold2EX to exchange money and how then to have them transfered to an account at alipay?

fiboniac said...

Here is one more way to exchange Libery Reserve to Alipay