Thursday, July 24, 2008

Google Talk Translation bots

Yup, you can had a translation bot added to your GTalk. For example if you need a English to French translation bot, add a contact called, click Yes when prompt to accept contact. Now whatever text you chat with the newly added contact will be return with the targeted translation text. It’s pretty cool and it support many 12 languages. Below official text from Google Talk web site;

Translation bots

Send a message in one language and have it instantly translated into another. Just add a translation bot to your contacts using the following format: [from language]2[to language] There are 24 bots available:

(ar = Arabic, de = German, el = Greek, en = English, es = Spanish, fr = French, it = Italian, ja = Japanese, ko = Korean, nl = Dutch, ru = Russian, zh = Chinese)


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