Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Remote Desktop Control

ill-skyfexFound following two free remote desktop management software, instead of paying WebEx why not use this. What is the TnC? As usual for Non-Commercial used only.

The first one are called SkyFex. It provide free 30 minutes Remote Session and 5 minutes Remote Control. Other features provided are Online Chat, File Transfer, Clipboard sharing. Had try SkyFex, quality was good and you only need to download an ActiveX Control.

The second on the list are TeamViewer, provide better features as compare to SkyFex according to web site. Apparently did not impose any time limit to Remote Session and Remote Control. Personally had not try this will post more info if I have time to test it out.

Last note: I think SkyFex are pretty dump because I found TeamViewer from the Google Ad serve at their web site.

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