Thursday, January 24, 2008

Backup your Corporate Email using GMail


This is the scenario.

  1. Your company provide you an email account with only 20MB
  2. You can't store all your mail online because you don't have the required storage. Only way to store all your email is to download using Email Client like Thunderbird and store in your local PC / company PC.
  3. With this you have a problem, you can access it everywhere. :-(
  4. You find backup your mail folder is troublesome and sometime you just forgot.

Below is what I did. With this I achieved following;

  • Online Backup
  • Access Email everywhere (All Email)
  • Huge Email Storage 6GB and counting

1. Sign a GMail account and use the POP features to download a copy of your company email to GMail. If you need details on how to use this let me know.

2. Setup your Thunderbird (or any email client) to BCC a copy of your send mail to your GMail account. In Account Settings... under your Email settings put in your GMail address in Bcc these email address under Copies & Folders.

Account Settings

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