Friday, March 02, 2007

VistaBootPRO to the rescue

I am running low in disk space do decided to get myself a 500GB harddisk and replace my two years old 80GB primary harddisk. My current setup have two HDD with total capacity 240GB. So the fastest way to migrate my HDD was perform a Disk Copy from 80GB to 500GB, this should be easy unfortunately not the case. Bum into several error and luckily manage to fixed it. It mainly cause by;

1. HDD too big
2. Windows VISTA Boot Manager (BCDEDit)

Below is the problems I have and how I managed to solve it, thanks to VistalBootPRO. This is the must have tools if you running VISTA and have dual-boot. I will skip the HDD too bit issue because it was fixed easily by PQMagic. It simply detect and change the partition type to ExtendedX (can't really remember the message, because I just click the Yes button).

After fixing the partition type I can now see my Boot menu, but when I select Windows XP it said my ntldr is missing and asked be to put in my XP CD and perform a repair. When I plug in my old 80GB HDD then it can boot, my guess was something to do with the boot record. So I boot into VISTA and lunch the VistaBootPRO and found out the the record in the Windows XP Boot Drive was pointing to {none} (refer pix below). Google for some tips and immediately I change the rive to my new HDD TaDa... back to normal.

To edit the Boot Record follow the steps below;

1. Click the Manage OS Entries button
2. Select the OS from the OS List window
3. Check the Rename selected operating system
4. Make the necessary changes
5. Click Apply button.

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