Sunday, October 02, 2011

Recover UniFi PPPoE Password

Bought myself a replacement router for UniFi, here comes the problem. Where do I fond my unifi PPPoE login password?

Below a quick guide which I found after Google it.

First you need to enable Telnet if you are using the Windows 7.

  1. Control Panel  -> Programs And Features –> Turn Windows features on or off
  2. Check Telnet Client
  3. Click OK

Next Telnet into the D-Link Router supplies by TM. If you don’t have the Super Admin (aka operator) password try followings.

Username : operator
Password : telekom

Username : operator
Password : h566UniFi

Username : operator
Password : <your Unifi username in reverse order>

BTW for those who don’t know how to use Telnet. Open a Command Prompt windows. Type Telnet (the D-Link router IP). Once successful your will be prompt to enter user id and password.

Enter this command once you login.

cat /etc/ppp/chap-secrets