Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Project Draw

Need to do some drawing / diagram but don’t have Microsoft Visio? Don’t worried you can use this cloud application which brought to you by AutoDesk.

Very handy especially if you are online and don’t have Visio with you. It also support offline mode.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

海外充 vs Liberty Reserve + Gold2Ex Case Studies

alipaySomeone posted a question in my comment and wanted to find out the difference in amount when using the two method I mention in my previous post.

in my previous article title: Transfer or add money to AliPay (支付宝) outside China. Below a quick comparison shown potential saving using second method.

Disclamer: Below are based on my best effort and knowledge, I shall hold no responsibilities for any error and mistake.

Case Studies: Trnasfer RMB5,000 to 支付宝 from Malaysia.

Method 1 – Simple but expensive

  1. Buy 10 x RMB500 reload card (海外充一卡通500元)
  2. You need to pay USD913.50 via PayPal
  3. Based on my last PayPal transaction dated 26-Jun-09, exchange rate for 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 0.2756662 U.S. Dollars
  4. USD913.50 = RM3,313.84

Method 2 – More steps but cheaper (you need to be verified alipay member 认证用户)

  1. Check out the exchange rate for LR –> alipay in Gold2Ex . You need to add in USD2.99 LR fees and 0.5% (Max RMB25) alipay fees. Alipay currently having promotion, after that the rate will be 1% (Max RMB40). Check out this link for details.
  2. For RMB5,000 + RMB25 I need LR 734 + LR2.99. Based on 1:6.85 exchange rate.
  3. Using Entelnova Global service, as at 4th July the Exchange Rate are 1 LR.USD = RM3.65
  4. Estimated total payment in Ringgit Malaysia will be RM2,690.05

Thursday, July 02, 2009

How to convert MKV DTS Audio to AC3

Following simple guide show you how to convert MKV file encoded in DTS audio into AC3 audio in single step and within minutes. The time taken is very fast because you only re-encode the Audio.


  1. Click Open Video button, select the MKV Video file which required conversion
  2. In Video action, select Copy (with this No encoding needed)
  3. In Audio action, select AC3 (lavc)
  4. In output Format, select MKV
  5. Click Save Video button and give it a new name.

Download AviDemux at this link