Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Microsoft OneNote Mobile

If you are looking for OneNote Mobile install file look no further it's available in your Office 2007 Installation CD. To install star your OneNote the select Tools->Options from the menu. Next select the OneNote Mobile tab then click the Install button.

OneNote Mobile Install

Sunday, September 23, 2007

HTC Touch ReInstall Log

After solve my Chinese input I continue with my re-install of applications. Below just a list of applications I used for my Touch.
  • Restore my SMS / MMS / Contact using PIM Backup
  • PCMKeyboard & PocketCM
  • Spb Phone Suite
  • Spb Mobile Shell
  • Inesoft Address Book
  • Spb Finance
  • Resco Picture Viewer
  • Resco Audio Recorder
  • ListPro
  • eWallet

HTC Touch - Reading Chinese

After play with the PPC for few days one complain I have was there is a delay of about 2 seconds when you activated the SIP to change your input method. After some trial and error this was cause by the CE-Star which I installed, uninstall the CE-Star did not solve this problem so the only way is to perform a Hard Reset. After finding the cause of the problem I decided to find a replacement for the Chinese input for my HTC Touch. Below are details on what I had found.

To read and input Chinese follow this guide

This only solve on of the problem, because IE still not working.. to solve this you need to
  1. copy wince.nls from your CE-Star CD to PPC \Windows folder.
  2. download reloadnls from http://geocities.yahoo.co.jp/gl/hou_ming_2/comment/20060323/1143109827 and place it in \Windows\Start Up
  3. Execute it once manually, you need this step to sort of sign the exe in WM6